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Who we are

The Pleiadian Institute in Europe is an association helping and assisting those who wish to learn and find information regarding the awakening of consciousness. Our goal is to provide knowledge and learning material to those who are sincerely willing to discover their spiritual nature, in a structured and modern way.

The phrase “the awakening of consciousness” encompasses various fields and disciplines such as philosophy, metaphysics, personal development, well-being, quantum sciences, ecology, esoterical knowledge, meditation, etc.

These fields have been studied and practiced through the ages. Ancient Greek philosophers were looking at them in a holistic way, avoiding separation between them. Now the revolution resides in the fact that this sacred knowledge is revisited and validated on a global scale, as a basis for exchange in tomorrow’s society.

We organize events, conferences, seminars, training and meditation sessions. During these events, we host specialists from various countries in the world, in different fields all related to consciousness.

Remember, you are the inner reality-pure awareness only. All that arises are appearances in consciousness. Don’t bother with all that. Rest only as the awareness.” Mooji

Our team

At the #TeamPleiades, we take spirituality very lightly! We are all in the middle of a great learning curve, so how about learning while having fun?

Our values

Our core values are sharingexchanginglearningcollective evolutionhumanism, but also the courage to challenge the system and the old paradigm in place.

We believe in the dual nature of Mankind: Physical (Personality) and Spiritual (Soul, itself a vehicle for the Spirit).

We believe that we will participate in the evolution of mentalities as well as a collective awakening of consciousness by creating spaces for people to exchange on their search to get to know themselves and the Universe.

Everyone is my teacher. Some I seek. Some I subconsciously attract. Often I learn simply by observing others. Some may be completely unaware that I’m learning from them, yet I bow deeply in gratitude.” Eric Allen


Semir Osmanagic, Archeologist – Bosnian pyramids


Dr. Steve Hinkey et Dan Mc Tague,  esoterical healers and meditators


Viadimension Website – organizer for meetings and congresses in Barcelona


Linda Backmann, American psychologist and reincarnation researcher


7skylife, share your inspiring stories!